Brexit: 50% chance of Theresa May getting ‘sufficient progress’ deal today, Guy Verhofstadt says


Theresa May has a 50-50 chance of coming home from Brussels with a deal on sufficient progress today, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator has said.

The Prime Minister is in the EU capital to break a deadlock in Article 50 talks over the Northern Ireland border, divorce bill, and citizens’ rights – which she needs to secure with the EU before trade talks can begin.

Guy Verhofstadt, the EP’s Brexit lead, met with EU president Jean-Claude Juncker and chief negotiator Michel Barnier this morning – ahead of their Mr Juncker’s with Ms May later in the day.

He made the comments speaking to reporters outside the meeting.

He added: “During my meeting with Juncker EU, I reiterated that EU citizens in the UK should not have to go through an unclear, costly and burdensome procedure.

“Their rights must be guaranteed. They came to the UK in good faith and must be treated with the respect they deserve.”


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